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Three poster series design.

Delegation of A Coruña.

Official College of Architects of Galicia.

Photographs on posters: Pablo Carreño

Series design of three commemorative posters of the campaign that was carried out at the initiative of the A Coruña delegation of COAG in 125 street adverstising displays in the city of A Coruña during Architecture Week.

The design of the posters uses a geometric base made up of 125 elements. On this geometry with architectural references, the images of the urban advertisements are shown, distributed in the three posters according to their themes: the 50th anniversary of COAG, the exhibition Cities and their Theses and the 50th anniversary of the ETSAC. Graphic elements from the campaign posters, such as grids or a white background, are used to create a new identity, which is reinforced and homogenized through the use of monochromatic colors.

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