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Furniture design.

PICO-S Bench/PICO-M Stool/

PICO-L Bench


PICO-S: 30x30x45cm.

PICO-M: 30x48x48cm.

PICO-L 30x96x48cm.

PICO is born in the rugged landscape of the northern coast of Galicia. It rests on the ground with the intention of not always staying in the same place, like someone who knows they might move at any moment. It could anchor itself to the earth, but instead chooses to remain on top, poised on tiptoes, waiting for the moment.

PICO is constructed from a single material, plywood, with the design minimizing waste during the production process. It is composed of interlocking pieces, avoiding the use of any additional potentially polluting elements, such as adhesives or metal parts.

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