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Exhibition. Design of posters and graphic material for social networks

Delegation of A Coruña

Official Association of Architects of Galicia


Photography: Pablo Carreño

Cities and Their Theses is a traveling exhibition organized and produced by a network of Architecture Schools throughout Spain, included within the framework of Architecture Week. A Coruña was the first city to host this exhibition, which features a significant extract from the cataloging work of theses dedicated to the study of cities. 


The assignment consisted of the design of local posters and graphic material for social networks. The posters were displayed on city information panels in the city of A Coruña and served as a model subsequently adopted by other locations.

The posters were organized using two elements: the first remains faithful to the original identity of the exhibition and includes general information, while the second incorporates the image and data related to the local exhibition. This second element follows the compositional rules defined by the first, differentiating itself at the same time, and seeking, in some way, conceptual similarities with what could be an extension or base of a building. The joint vision of the two elements creates visual relationships between them, generating a new overall reading.

The exhibition Cities and Their Theses has been a finalist in the 2024 Architecture Awards of the CSCAE.

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