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Baliza Norte was founded as an architecture studio with the intention of exploring design areas related to architecture from an architectural perspective.


We design furniture produced in local workshops, using sustainable materials and assembled without the need for additional metal elements or adhesives. Each piece represents a commitment to sustainability and innovation.


We design spaces that not only fulfill their function but also provide meaning. Each project is conceived with attention to detail and an understanding of the client's identity and needs.


We believe in a global branding concept that encompasses everything from space design to the graphic identity of a brand, conceiving them in a unified and coherent manner. The goal is to create integral experiences that reflect the essence of the brand.


Our work has been internationally recognized with a SIT Award and an honorable mention in the LOOP Design Awards for the BN! lamp. Baliza Norte has also been a two-time finalist in the A+Awards, in the branding category, for the design of a bookstore in Barcelona and the furniture for a conference in A Coruña.

Baliza Norte is a project by Jorge Pérez Vale. Jorge graduated as an architect from ETSAB and studied design at the EINA school in Barcelona. He has worked for prestigious studios such as RBTA, Borgos Pieper, and Pascal+Watson, developing his career in Barcelona, London, and the United States, creatively participating in projects such as the T1 terminal at Barcelona airport.

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