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CAMS 2023

Graphic identity design for event.

Faculty of Physiotherapy. Oza Campus UDC. A Coruña

Photography: Roi Alonso

CAMS 2023 is the second edition of this symposium on cellular aging and metabolism.

The identity of CAMS 2023 expresses the continuity of the event using the same graphic elements of the previous edition but adding new concepts related to the character of the symposium, such as dynamism or the creation of meaning through addition or reunion. The circular geometries of CAMS 2022, which expressed aging through color changes, are grouped in the form of digits, highlighting the location in time of this call and its scientific nature.

The furniture from the previous edition is reused, which, as it is made up of assembleable pieces, allows for quick and easy transport and assembly. The furniture is easily disassembled and can be stored in flat modules until reused.

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