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CAMS 2022

Design and production of furniture and identity design for events.

Faculty of Physiotherapy. UDC Oza Campus. To Coruña

A+Awards Finalist 2023

Photographs: Roi Alonso

CAMS 2022 is a symposium on cellular aging and metabolism.


The graphic identity of the symposium is based on scientific methods to determine cellular aging through the study of the color changes that occur in circular culture plates when reagents are applied to them. This concept is applied to create a geometric sequence that evokes, through color changes, the evolution between youth and senescence.

The furniture is conceived as a three-dimensional interpretation of this graphic concept and seeks, on the one hand, to be easily recognizable as part of the event, becoming a great advertisement for the symposium, and on the other, to house the necessary functions (exhibition of scientific posters, bar and catering).

The furniture was made from fiberboard cut with CNC milling techniques at local companies. They are made up of easily transportable pieces, which are assembled together, allowing for simple and quick assembly. The furniture is easily disassembled and can be stored in flat modules until reused.

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